Hand Cards That Can Be Played In Pokergalaxy

Hand Cards That Can Be Played In Pokergalaxy
Hand Cards That Can Be Played In Pokergalaxy

Hand Cards That Can Be Played In Poker – In pokergalaxy games you don’t have to play at any time, there are times when you have to fold and wait for the next round. Studying the selection of Starting Hand Poker to get optimal results and a positive impact on your game (increasing your poker winnings percentage), will be greatly influenced by your relative position at all times to the Dealer marker chip ( Button). To learn the importance of this position please read the article The Importance of Position

In Poker Games. Furthermore, the selection of the starting hand will also be influenced by the player competition that occurs when you play, so here you also have to know the Types of Players in Pokergalaxy so that you can take appropriate actions according to the types of players you are facing.

When writing this article, I experienced a little difficulty because the actual choice of the starting hand I played was very varied because it depends on the position and competition that occurred when I played. But if you are a beginner in this poker game, I try to simplify your learning by providing a general overview in choosing the starting hand poker through the table below:


In the table above the starting hand is divided into 2 parts, namely:

  • Pair and Suite Cards
  • Unsuited Cards (Different Flower Cards)

While the colors on the table indicate the position when playing the starting hand in question, namely:

  • Red, the starting hand entered in this color may be played from all positions.
  • Yellow, the starting hand can be played when in the Middle (Middle) and End (Late) positions.
  • Blue, the starting hand can only be played when in the Final position.
  • Green color, starting that you cannot / cannot play

How to use the table above are as follows:

  • When a card is shared, check your current position relative to the Button, suppose you are in the current middle position.
  • Next, see the Starting Hand / Hole Card / 2 cards that are shared for you, for example K-9.
  • Check on the table where can the K-9 be played? K-9 in the table is included in yellow, can be played in the Middle and End positions. So the card according to the table you can choose to come into play and see the Flop.
  • And so on, you must be disciplined to follow the rules of the table until you understand the basic thinking of making the table, that is, the position in poker determines your winning performance

But you also need to note that you do not play like a robot, with the more you play, the more you try to improvise in the selection of the starting hand depending on the game competition situation when you play. For the starting hand that is entered in Green in the table above, you should never try to play it because you will experience a lot of defeat rather than victory with it.

Next below I try to explain the rationale for choosing the starting hand according to your playing position, namely:
Early Position Starting Hand

In the initial position you have to be very selective in choosing the starting hand because there are still so many players who will act / act after your turn (there are still 8-9 more). What’s more, you don’t know what strating hand they hold and how they react to the starting hand.

Furthermore, even in the initial position you are in an unfavorable position because you do not have any information about your opponents at that time, on the contrary your opponents will have information about you through actions you take such as calling, raising or checking so they can measure the strength of your starting hand at that time.

So in general, I will prefer the starting hand in this position and the following actions:

  • Pair As (A-A), make raising and once again limping (doing a big blind call) to trap.
  • Pair King (K-K), Raising and occasionally running (doing a big blind call) to trap.
  • Pair Queen (QQ), Always raise to minimize competition and don’t make a trap, because Pair Queen will lose to Pair As and King so if the As Card or King appears on the board then you are likely to lose, therefore this pair must be played with aggressive when pre-flop.
  • As and King Cards (A-K), Always do Bet raising and Continuation
  • Pair Jack (J-J), Just like Pair Queen, the pre-flop has to be aggressively played to reduce the number of opponents taking part in seeing the flop, if As, King and Queen appear on the flop, you can almost certainly lose.
  • ┬áTen Pair (10-10, Do it the same as Pair Queen and Pair Jack.

Especially for the As and Queen (A-Q) card starting hand, I will not play it in the starting position when the first few minutes I join a table until I really know the conditions and atmosphere of the competition that occurred at the table. I also rarely raise for Pair Jack and Pair 10 because based on my experience, it is more profitable to do the limping with the starting hand in the starting position.

This is because if As, King or Queen appears and you fail to catch the Jack card or the other Ten cards to make Three of A Kind (Set / Trip) then you don’t need to feel reluctant to close the card because it’s likely already defeated by a larger pair. So you can see that very few starting hands can be played from the starting position because this is the case, this initial position is very unfavorable due to the absence of any source of information for you to know the response of your opponents to your actions in playing the starting hand in this position. In order to guarantee your winning percentage to be large in this initial position, finally there are only 4 starting hands that you can play, namely A-A, K-K, Q-Q and A-K.

Middle Starting Position

In the middle position you can add several starting hands in addition to the starting hand at the starting position above. If you become the first person to enter the pot from the middle position, it means that there are 3-5 people folding (closing the card) in front of you. This means that the possibility of a strong starting hand is getting smaller in percentage, so a weaker starting hand will increase in value. Therefore you can measure and weigh the strength of the starting hand that is shared with you at that time to come into play, especially if the strating hand matches the table above if you are still a beginner.

If someone or even many players have entered the pot before you (3-5 people), the harder you are to consider getting involved in the pot. Why is that? Because if there is a player with the same logic as you, who only plays the type of starting hand as above, then you are in a dangerous position if you force yourself to take part in the pot even though stating your hand at that time is A-Q. That is why the position here is very decisive too, because from this middle position you already have a little information about the strength of the opponent’s starting hand in front of you. It is also important that you know the type of game of your opponent to distinguish whether your opponent is setting a trap or not if you find that the opponent is limping when he is in the initial position.

In general, the starting hand in this middle position is:

  • All starting hand positions above
  • As and Queen Cards (A-Q)
  • King and Queen Cards (K-Q)
  • Nine Pair (9-9)
  • Pair Eight (8-8)
  • Ace and Jack (A-J)
  • Queen and Jack cards (Q-J), make sure before you join, there have been 2 or more players participating in the pot, this is so that your pot odds to play this Q-J are sufficient, if not then do this folding card.
  • Jack and Ten (J-10) cards, just like Q-J
  • Nine and Ten Suited Cards (9-10), just like Q-J but at least 4 players must be in the pot so that your pot odds are sufficient to play this card.
  • King and Jack cards (K-J), occasionally play this starting hand with the same conditions as Q-J. But it should be noted to be careful in playing this K-J because this is a “Trap Card” that can make you experience a big defeat.

Starting Hand at Final Position (Late Position)

If you first enter the pot at this end position, then raise it with the starting hand
minimum that is strong enough like J-10, 9-10 suit and 8-9 suit. This needs to be done because there is a very small percentage there is a strong starting hand after your turn. By raising you can also measure the strength of the starting hand held by your opponents (another 2-3 people) after your turn, if you experience resistance (the opponent does reraising) then you can think again to continue the game because of the possibility that your opponent has a strong pair of cards in his hand.

If there is no resistance, you can “steal” small blind + big blind stealing without having to compete with your card. And if there is a call, you will benefit from holding the initiative to attack (continuation betting) so that the opponent who made the call thinks you have Pair As (A-A) even though you are only using 8-9 cards. But on the contrary if there is a raising in front of you when you are in this final position, then consider the strength of your card, if it is not strong enough or there are no other opponents calling then close your card (folding).

In general, the starting hand for this final position is:

  • The entire starting hand above.
  • As and X cards (A-X), for x is any card.
  • Small Pair (Pair 7 to Pair 2), do limping if there are at least 4 people or more so that your pot odds are sufficient.
  • Small Suit Connector With 1 Gap (Suppose 10-8, 9-7, 8-6, 7-5), just like a small pair, at least 4 people are already in the pot.

The end of the Hand Card article that can be played in this pokergalaxy is made, hopefully adding knowledge before playing real money poker. I try again to remind you to be more courageous in improvising in choosing the starting hand in the table above and staying disciplined to never play the starting hand that is in the Green Color zone of the table. Because along with your playing experience, chances are that you will join a table that has players who are good at “reading” the games of their opponents, so if you don’t improvise with your starting hand it will be very difficult for you to profit from players level player.

This is because your card handle has been “read” and every time you decide to take part in the pot they decide to do folding because they know the starting hand you are playing at that time must be very strong. Improvising makes it difficult for them to read your starting hand and is willing to serve your game when you hold Pair A-A.