How to Play Domino QQ


On this event, the admin admin will share a tutorial on ways to play domino qq. Previously going additional, let’s talk about very first what is Domino QQ? Domino QQ is understood by many names, some state domino kiu kiu, domino 99 and domino qiu qiu. This is rather complicated for novices because the majority of them believe that each various call is a various video game, however really they coincide. This video game utilizes a dam card and can just be played by an optimum from 6 people.

previously understanding much more regarding ways to play dominoes, gamers should understand ahead of time ways to team the dam cards.

Dam cards include 28 cards and later on in the video game, gamers will get 4 cards to play. Each card has a line that divides the top and reduced worths. Each card has a dots that end up being a criteria for the worth from a card. Here is the organizing :

Empty Card

kartu kosong


This card has a vacant worth on 1 component and on a dam card, this card has 7 items in it

Card One

kartu satu

This card has a worth from one on 1 component and there‘re an overall from 6 cards on the dam card

Card Two

Card 2 has a worth from 2 in one component and there‘re an overall from 5 cards

Card Three

A 3 card is a card that has 3 factors in one component, there‘re an overall from 4 cards

Card Four

4 cards are cards that have 4 factors in one component, there‘re an overall from 3 cards

Card Five

Card 5 is a card that has 5 factors in one component and this card has 2 cards on the dam

Card Six

Card 6 is ​​a card that has 6 factors and this card has just 1 item.

You can take note of the organizing from the cards over, empty cards beginning with vacant each empty, empty one at a time, empty by 2, empty by 3, empty by 4 and so forth up until vacant each 6. Whereas one card begins with one at a time, one at a time and so forth up until one 6th. When you matter, there‘re an overall from 28 cards.

Following we‘ll find out about ways to determine dominoes

Ways to Determine Domino QQ Cards

cara menghitung kartu domino

Domino cards have the greatest rack up from 9 and this card will be determined beginning with 0 if the number 9 has been passed, simply puts, the worth from 10 or 20 is no in this video game and determined later on if you surpass the worth 9 is the rest minus the worth from 10 or 20 For much more information, you can see the photo over.

There‘re a variety of situations that make gamers handle challengers with the exact same worth, so ways to identify the champion in a kiu kiu domino video game?

Website :

Ways to identify the gamer that victories when the card worth is the same

Greatest Double Card

balak tertinggi

In the event over, gamers and challengers have the exact same worth, however the champion is the one that has the greatest double card

Variety of greatest factors

jumlah titik tertinggi

If there‘re no double cards for every gamer, after that the champion is identified from among the greatest factors on the player’s 4 cards. in the event over, gamer 1 victories the video game because among the worths from the card is 6 factors. while gamer 2 doesn‘t have a 6 factor card.

So to conclude, the gamer has the benefit from having actually a double card in between the 4 cards he holds when he obtains an challenger that has the exact same worth.

In this video game, there‘re likewise unique kinds of cards that can make your winning portion also greater. Let’s talk about additional.

Unique cards begin with the most affordable up until the greatest unique card is :

  1. Pure Huge Card
  2. Pure Little Card
  3. Unique Double Card
  4. 6 God Cards

Here is an instance from an unique card

Pure Huge Card

kartu murni besar

This card is an unique mix card that will not be had by any gamer if you get this, for certain your winning portion will enhance considerably if you‘ve this card in hand

Pure Little Card

kartu murni kecil

This card is a little card mix that‘s much better compared to a big pure card and this card is rather challenging to acquire. For that reason you certainly win when you get this card

Unique Double Card

kartu kembar spesial

This card is a mix from double cards, this card can defeat big pure cards and little pure cards. So simply picture if you get this card, the portion from 99. 9% you‘ll certainly win

6 God Cards

kartu enam dewa

This card is the greatest card mix amongst all domino video game cards QQ 99. If you get this card, you‘ll be really fortunate and certainly win the video game quickly.

If you get an unique card as well as previously having fun you‘ve currently purchased a prize ticket, besides you win, you‘ll likewise get extra cash from the prize for obtaining an unique card mix. The computation if you play on the IDNPLAY web server is as complies with :

Pure Huge Card : 50 times the worth from the prize ticket you bought

Pure Little Card : 50 times the worth from the prize ticket you bought

Unique Double Card : 100 increased by the worth from the prize ticket you purchased

6 God Cards : 6666 increased by the worth from the prize ticket you purchased